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Fun Facts about French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog is a breed that’s been getting more and more popular by the day. That's because Frenchies are loving, friendly, spunky and make amazing family pets. 

1. They love to socialize.

2. They fart. A LOT.

3. They are terrible swimmers!

4. Celebrities adore them.

5. They originated in England.


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The Parents

Ariana Grande is a Blue Merle French Bulldog. Born in Orlando, Florida on December 2020. She is sassy, smart and has a great temperament! She loves to swim, run and play, hence, athletic with a great body structure. Ari enjoys taking photos when exploring new places. She is super friendly, loving and could spend her days cuddling next to you! AKC certified.


Bruno Mars is a Blue Pie French Bulldog. He was born on May 2020 in Miami, Florida. He is a stud muffin and always smiling! Bruno has great bone structure allowing him to be super-fast when running! He is very sweet and his beautiful grey eyes will captivate you and place you in a trans of cuddles !

  • @animalconexions
  • YouTube
  • @frenchiegirl
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